I enjoy public speaking, conducting seminars and workshops, and teaching in general. In addition to the PowerPoint based presentations listed below, I design custom presentations to address specific needs within business, school and church environments. I also enjoy keynote addresses for graduations or other special events. Broad topics can be customized to specific events, as needed.

If you are interested in discussing a particular workshop, or have special needs requiring custom workshop development, please contact my office at 813-988-0700 to discuss the specifics of your requested topic, or email me at


Dangers On the Net
Examines from a Biblical perspective the explosion of online material contributing to the destruction of marriages and families. Discusses common differences in men and women regarding Internet use, reveals the true nature of the online pornography industry, explains the seductiveness of chat rooms and online relationships, and includes information regarding online gambling, gaming, teen chat, file sharing, etc. Gives practical advice on how to protect your family while using the Internet responsibly.

What Do I Do With My Anger?
Anger management workshop which defines what anger really is, identifies its sources, and discusses what to do about it. Examines different anger management styles, explores the destructive emotional consequences of unhealthy anger expression, and offers Biblically sound advice and practical tips on controlling anger.

How To Raise a Sociopath
Parenting or teacher workshop, with tongue-in-cheek approach to appropriate training and development of children. Iincorporates current psychological research, and discusses the developmental outcome when these practical approaches are not used.

Before I Get Married...
Discusses such critical concepts as temperament, finances, communication and conflict resolution styles, effective listening skills, differences in men and women, sexuality in marriage, and other necessary areas, helping a new marriage off to a healthy start.

Attitude Is Everything!
A workshop designed to discuss creative imagery and the role of attitude in virtually any successful venture in life. Whether family relationships, career pursuits, investments or hobbies, attitude plays the largest role in the success or failure of that endeavor. Includes discussions of how the brain processes imagery and translates imagination into realized goals. Excellent, positive workshop for students, young professionals, or anyone struggling to reach goals.