As a Psychotherapist licensed under 491, Florida Statutes, I am trained and legally qualified to conduct Parenting Plan Evaluations and Social Investigations & Home Studies where issues of timesharing are in dispute. My role as a Parenting Plan Evaluator is to remain impartial and neutral as I endeavor to analyze and assess the many individual and family factors impacting child development. The goal of a Social Investigation is to assist the Court in making a decision in the very best interest of your child(ren). My purpose is to evaluate the psychological, developmental and emotional needs of each child, the parenting capacity of each prospective custodian, and the functional ability of each parent to meet the complicated needs of each child. The wishes of your child(ren), where appropriate, will also be considered. I give each parent ample opportunity to contribute pertinent information, communicate any concerns, and demonstrate the nature of your relationship with your child(ren). I also consider your current living, financial, employment, health, and other circumstances, as well as speak with any collateral contacts you believe would be helpful to my investigation.

At the conclusion of this process, I prepare a detailed, written report for the Court and your respective attorneys outlining my findings and the rationale for any professional recommendations given. My evaluations and investigations are conducted to the highest professional and ethical standards, and are always free from discriminatory bias based upon age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, language, culture or socioeconomic status.

Typically, Parenting Plan Evaluations or Social Investigations are ordered by the Court and assigned to a specific Evaluator/Investigator. If both parties agree to engage in a Social Investigation, and agree on me as an Investigator, the process can begin with a stipulated court order. If you plan to use my services to complete your Parenting Plan Evaluation, please complete and sign the Parenting Plan Evaluation/Social Investigation Forms.

To begin this process, I require a $4000.00 non-refundable retainer, split as the parties agree or as the Court determines, and a Court order assigning the investigation/evaluation to me. Before you retain me, please ask your attorney to review my Contract/Agreement to assure that all parties/attorneys agree to the terms of service provision detailed in this document.

If you have additional questions about this service, or if you prefer to schedule via phone, please call my office at 813-988-0700. For more personal questions or concerns, please use my confidential email at