Kerry is trained and certified in Basic and Advanced Parenting Coordination, is a Qualified Parenting Coordinator in Hillsborough County Courts, and is also a Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinator (through PACE, Inc.)

Parenting Coordination is an emerging Alternative Dispute Resolution process in which the rights and needs of children are paramount in focus. Typically, a Parenting Coordinator is appointed by a Family Law judge in cases where ongoing parental conflict threatens the emotional well-being of the children caught in the middle. Parenting Coordinators are specially trained in dispute resolution skills to address the complex issues in high-conflict parenting cases. In addition, Parenting Coordinators have a professional understanding of child development, developmental needs, and the impact of divorce on child development.

Parenting Coordinators typically teach effective communication and conflict resolution skills, educate parents in effective coparenting techniques, and make decisions in some areas when parents are unable to come to an agreement.

Working with a Parenting Coordinator requires a court order or a stipulated agreement between the parties. If you would like me to serve as your Parenting Coordinator, speak to your attorney about having me appointed by the judge overseeing your case. A stipulated agreement with the opposing parent's attorney is usually all it takes for a judge to sign an appointment order. When that is complete, we're ready to get started!

In addition to an Appointment Order, I require all clients to sign a separate Contract before the process is officially begun. View my Parenting Coordination Contract >

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