Family mediation presents an opportunity for parties in conflict to meet in a neutral setting with an impartial third party trained in dispute resolution. As an effort to resolve differences without court involvement, mediation has been shown to minimize financial and emotional costs associated with a prolonged litigation process. Increasingly, judges are relying upon mediators to minimize legal and court costs, as well as assist in the resolution of heavily backlogged court dockets.

Mediation can be used before an action is filed, at any point during the litigation process, or post-resolution for modifications of existing court orders. Especially in divorce cases, mediation is usually required by the court prior to scheduling a final hearing.

As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, I am qualified to mediate disputes in the following areas of Family Law:

In addition, I am experienced in mediating increasingly common church disputes. I am familiar with the doctrinal beliefs and differences across many denominations, and understand the often political nature of ministry and church oversight. I am comfortable working with evangelists, elders, deacons, and other spiritual leaders in any church environment.

My services as a mediator are $200.00 per hour, with a two hour minimum. If agreement is reached between the parties, a Memorandum of Understanding will be prepared for review by each party and their respective attorneys. Upon signature of all parties, the agreement will be certified by my signature. If unable to reach an acceptable agreement, a Statement of Impasse will be prepared and certified for the Court.

A prepaid, refundable retainer of $600.00 is required, along with a signed Agreement to Mediate, before your mediation will be scheduled. To schedule a mediation, please download, complete and sign the Mediation Forms, and return to my office with the required retainer. You will be contacted by my office to schedule an appointment.

If you have additional questions not covered in the FAQ section of this site, or if you prefer to schedule via phone, please call my office at 813-988-0700. For more personal questions or concerns, please use my confidential email at