A LIFE CARE PLAN is a detailed review of all documentation relating to the medical and related needs of an individual with an injury or disease and the correponding long-term costs of those needs. The life care plan is based on medical and other treatment records, client and family interviews, home visits and evaluations, input from teachers, care providers and other collateral contacts, and medical provider consultation and recommendations. The end result is a thorough and detailed professional report outlining the expected care, therapy, and equipment needs, as well as the projected expenses of this care, across the lifetime of the individual.

As a Psychotherapist licensed under 491, Florida Statutes, I am trained and legally qualified to conduct Life Care Evaluations and write Life Care Plans. My role as a Life Care Evaluator is to remain impartial and neutral as I endeavor to analyze and assess the many individual and family factors impacting the future needs of the impacted individual, and to act in the best interests of that individual in making recommendations to the Court.

Typically, Life Care Evalautions are ordered by the Court and assigned to a specific Evaluator. If both parties agree to engage in the choice of a specific Evaluator, the process can begin with a stipulated court order. If you plan to use my services to complete your Life Care Evaluation and develop your Life Care Plan, I will require a Court order appointing me as such, and a $5000.00 non-refundable retainer, split as the parties agree or as the Court determines. I charge $150/hour for any and all time expended in the process of completing this Plan. Please understand that an additional retainer may be required before the process is completed due to the detailed and extensive nature of this work. Before you retain me, please ask your attorney to review my credentials to assure that all parties/attorneys agree to use me for this very important service.


Life Care Plans are used in litigation, trust management, and settlement of divorce and timesharing disputes, as well as to assist with setting insurance reserves. I can review the work product of an existing Life Care Plan and testify to my findings if so desired. This examination will result in either a narrative or a line by line comparison format, based on a medical records review and, if available, client interview, provider contacts, and evaluator notes. As in a new Life Care Plan, a Plan Review or Rebuttal will require a $5000 non-refundable retainer to begin the process.