My work as a therapist has always been much more than a job. I see myself as a tool in God's hand to "heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds". (Psalm 147.3)

I am a Christian first and, only second, a therapist. I am not perfect, nor infallible, but I love my work, and I enjoy the challenges of helping others solve the puzzles of their lives and relationships. For those who are comfortable with a Christian-based therapy approach, I often use scriptural references and instruction, assign spiritually-oriented reading materials and exercises, and pray with and for my patients.

Be assured that if you are not comfortable with this approach, I never impose my own beliefs, morals or values on anyone without an invitation first. But if including your spiritual beliefs in the therapy process is important to you, I am more than happy to let God lead our work together. Just let me know up front that this is your desired approach...

To schedule an appointment, please download, complete and sign the Psychotherapy Intake Packet and return to my office with the required refundable deposit of $200 to cover the cost of a 2-hour initial consultation. You will be contacted by my office to schedule an appointment.

If you have additional questions not covered in the FAQ section of this site, or if you prefer to schedule via phone, please call my office at 813-988-0700. For more personal questions or concerns, please use my confidential email at