Collaborative Divorce is the newest form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, and is the future of divorce for those who choose to avoid a protracted, expensive, emotionally exhausting court process. In collaborative divorce, each parent chooses a collaboratively trained attorney to go through the process with them. These attorneys commit to withdraw if the collaborative effort is unsuccessful, so it is in their best interests to work within a team process.

This team normally includes a collaboratively trained and neutral Financial Professional, as well as a collaboratively trained and neutral Mental Health Professional (that would be me!), who assist in facilitating each team meeting. This process is intended to be "client- and interest-driven" instead of the traditional, and more adversarial, "position-driven" litigation approach.

Through a series of "on-line" team meetings and some "off-line" meetings with the neutral professionals, the process progresses to a successful conclusion in some 95% of cases.