I am a 30+ year veteran of the Hillsborough County, Florida mental health system. During this time, I have worked in a variety of programs, including schools, juvenile offender programs, foster and group homes, traumatic brain injury clinics, mental health facilities and my current private practice.

Based in Temple Terrace, my practice serves the entire Tampa Bay area and beyond, where I work as a licensed psychotherapist, behavioral management consultant, family law mediator, parenting coordinator, trial consultant and expert witness. I also enjoy public speaking, and have conducted many pre- and custom-desined workshops, trainings and speeches through the years.

As a psychotherapist, I work with individuals, couples and families of all ages. I work with intact, broken and blended families, families going through conflict and/or divorce, and those working to reconcile from estraged family members. As a committed Christian, I also work with those who want Christian counseling or a Biblical perspective as a foundation for therapy, though I never interject my own views or beliefs in any therapy context unless invited to do so.

I am also an experienced and committed conflict resolution expert. As a mediator and parenting coordinator, I have specialized training in alternative dispute resolution, and love helping parents and families engaged in battle finally learn how to "stop the war". But if you have decided to divorce, why not do it the "no conflict way", I can help you mediate a marital settlement without the time and expense of attorneys and repeated court hearings.

I love my work, and enjoy the challenge of solving the never-ending puzzle of human behavior and the problems we create for ourselves and others. Let me collaborate with you to develop a strategic approach to resolving your own puzzle, whatever that may be!